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The Only & One Rob White

The law firm that I worked at in the early 2000’s for nearly ten years adorned it’s walls with great images by American photographers. I spent a lot of my free time wandering the halls of those fifteen floors looking at all of the amazing images. The images would be swapped for new ones a few times a year by an art contractor, and I’d once again walk the halls mesmerized by each photo’s unique ability to make me always feel something. My decision to leave the corporate world of New York CIty to start my photography business in 2007 was solely because I realized the power of a great photo - the freezing of a moment that can never be fully replicated again!

When you hire me to shoot your most important moments—whether we’re at one of Maine’s many amazing scenic locations, at your wedding venue, or on location at your corporate or marketing event—you’ll always be rewarded with photos that will capture the essence of your special occasion. I strive to give my clients images that instantly transport the viewer, convey a feeling, or an emotion, or simply bring a smile to their faces! I bring high energy and fun to all my shoots (and I happen to be a great party guest as well!). If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, you can be trusted that I will bring out your inner top model! Many of my clients have been with me for most of my thirteen years of operation - and even have welcomed me into their homes and businesses to capture their growing families. My clients trust my professionalism in always capturing them honestly, retouching their selected images if need be, and delivering their photos promptly after the shoot!

Like many photographers, I do what I do because I LOVE photography! It is an invaluable art, and an even more precious gift. And I cherish the opportunity to create you and your loved ones unique and special art with you!